NHS Trusts

How yourchoice works for your Trust and your staff

"This is my first experience of an e-magazine and I was amazed by several things: first and foremost the ease of navigation, it is so simple to use, then the huge content with excellent illustrations, good graphics and easy to read material. It covers a big range of topics and I suspect that there is something in it for everyone. An excellent production which will be looked at and enjoyed by everyone."

- Averil Mansfield CBE, FRCS, BMA President

The Benefits:

Readership- led content and offers

Rather than dictate to the readers, our readers are already dictating to us. Following extensive market research, they have highlighted exactly what they want to read, and what type of offers they would like to see.

Staff morale

Allowing time for staff to relax and recharge their batteries during breaks, whilst taking their mind off the pressures at hand, can have a massive impact on morale and wellbeing.


There is no charge for the magazine for either the Trust or the individual, and it can be uploaded to the Trusts Intranet over N3, meaning there is no ongoing resource required from the Trust

Events & Trust organised events

Holding in-house events is a great way to alert your staff to the benefits of YourChoice and raise funds for your Trust's charities.

Reduced Internet Traffic

Allowing staff to read YourChoice on your Trusts Intranet reduces internet traffic and ensures all Intranet users can access and read YourChoice with or without flash installed on their PCs.